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Whether you are learner driver or an experienced motorist, you can email any driving-related question to info@wycombedrivingschool.co.uk and you will receive a personal response from Wycombe Driving School boss Audrey Wixon, pictured. The best questions and answers will be published on this website anonymously.

Audrey is a DSA ADI; DIAmond, IAM and RoSPA Gold Advanced Driver; Fleet Trainer; Observer for Institute of Advanced Motorists; & National Standard cycling instructor

Audrey Wixon - manager of Wycombe Driving School
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What is the best colour for a car?

Q: I am about to buy a new car and wondered if you had any advice about the colour. Are some colours safer than others?

multi-coloured mini A: Research into this subject shows that dark-coloured cars are more likely to be involved in accidents than light-coloured cars. This may be because bright-colours reflect light well and can be seen from up to four times the distance of dark-colours.

The most popular colour for cars in the UK at present is metallic silver - a bright colour which is also good at masking dirt and scratches.

Colour psychology indicates that we associate certain traits with particular colours. One author on the subject, Leatrice Eiseman, says car colours can reveal the following about the owner’s personality: silver - elegant and modern; white - fastidious and demanding; black - single-minded and empowered; red - sexy and dynamic; light blue - calm and faithful; dark blue - confident and dependable; grey - sober and practical; light green - trendy and whimsical; dark green - well-balanced and traditional; gold - intelligent and warm; yellow - cheerful and young at heart; brown - down to earth; orange - talkative and fickle; purple - creative and original.

So, perhaps you should get a multi-coloured car and then everyone will think you are a well-rounded person!
Audrey Wixon
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