Coronavirus: safe operating procedures

These measures are designed to ensure you and your instructor are as safe as possible while you are having driving lessons. We will adhere to this process until further notice and make adjustments as necessary to comply the latest guidance from the government and driver training industry. These rules are in addition to our terms and conditions.

Your instructor will arrive a few minutes before your appointment to have time to cleanse their car immediately before your lesson. They will wipe down touch points including the door handles inside and out, the steering wheel, the handbrake, the gear stick, all control buttons, the head restraints, the seat, the seatbelt and its connector, the car keys and training resources using ani-virus grade sanitiser.

Please look out for your instructor at your designated lesson time as they will not come to your door. They will text you to let you know they are ready to start your lesson.

Your instructor will greet you outside the car, observing physical distancing. If you display COVID-19 symptoms the lesson will not take place.

You must inform your instructor if there are any changes to your health in between lessons. Your lesson will be rescheduled if in the previous seven days you have tested positive for Covid-19 or have symptoms of it or if you have been in contact with someone who in the previous 14 days has tested positive or had symptoms. In these circumstances if you cancel within 24 hours of your lesson, our late cancellation charge will be waived.

Face masks: you and your instructor must both wear a face covering when inside the vehicle to help prevent the spread of coronavirus. Please bring your own face covering to your lesson.

On the day of your lesson, please ensure you have washed your hands prior to getting into the car. You will both apply hand sanitiser before you enter the vehicle, which will be supplied by your instructor. Please bring gloves with you if you wish to wear them. If you wish your instructor to wear gloves please let them know before you enter the car. Your instructor will have a supply of spare face masks and gloves in their car.

Physical contact will be minimised. Writing materials, pens, lesson handouts and visual aids etc will not be passed between you. Your instructor will have a supply of antibacterial wipes in their car in case of accidental breeches. Payment for your lesson by bank transfer would be preferred. If you wish to pay by cash, please do so at the end of the lesson.

Your instructor will keep their car windows partially open as much as possible to aid ventilation. If the air conditioning system is used it will not be set to recirculate air. When you are having discussions while parked up, your instructor will avoid facing you directly. You are advised to wear clothes that cover your arms and legs.