Car insurance options before & after the test

Provisional licence holders - own policy

During driving lessons in a Wycombe Driving School car, the insurance is included. However, if you are planning to practise with family or friends in your own car, you will need to make sure you are insured. Some insurance companies offer short-term policies for provisional licence holders. You can get one at a reduced price with Collingwood Insurance Services using our referral code. After the first month, it is possible to purchase single weeks of insurance and dip in and out of being insured as you wish. The insurance will be in the name of the learner driver, so nobody else's policy will be affected if you need to make a claim.

To get a discounted quote, visit Collingwood's website and enter the referral code 285768.

Full licence holders - own policy

So you've passed! Well done! Now it's time to shop around for car insurance as a full licence holder... prepare to empty your bank account! Many new drivers - particularly 17-year-olds - find that the cost of their first car insurance policy is greater than the cost of their car! However, you can get some good deals if you shop around. Some insurance companies offer a discount if the driver has completed the Pass Plus course.

Going on parent's policy

If you only want occasional access to your parent's/partner's car, you could pay to be a named driver on their policy, which will be a lot cheaper than having your own policy. However, you won't accumulate any 'no claims bonus' and it is illegal to be a named driver if you are infact the main driver of the car. Some insurance companies allow named drivers to acquire no claims bonus but the benefit is reflected in the price of the policy.