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Dave is an excellent instructor with a relaxed manner

"Many thanks to Dave Fullerton - an excellent instructor with a lovely relaxed manner. I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting lessons."

Faye Musselle, of Hazlemere

Faye passed her driving test in July 2018

Irene went the extra mile to build up my confidence

"A huge thank you to my instructor Irene. I was a pretty nervous learner but Irene helped me to get into great habits and build my confidence up! I really appreciated how she went the extra mile in slowly introducing me to all the elements of driving, building my confidence up, and then making me repeat stressful situations with careful guidance until I no longer worried about them! Thanks to her I passed first time! Thank you so much Irene!"

John Isger, of High Wycombe

John passed his driving test in July 2018

I felt completely prepared to drive with confidence

"I'm very grateful for all the patience and expertise Audrey brought to our lessons. Having started off as a rather nervous beginner, the lessons progressed at a pace I was comfortable with, and by the time my test came around I felt completely prepared, not only to pass, but also to continue driving with confidence thereafter. Thank you for everything!"

Rachel Clarke, of High Wycombe

Rachel passed her driving test in May 2018

Dave is a fantastic driving instructor

"Dave Fullerton is a fantastic driving instructor and I couldn't recommend him enough. He kept every lesson beneficial and I always left feeling as though I was one step closer to passing my driving test. I feel his true strengths lie in being able to pick out your weak areas and structuring the lesson in order to deal with and improve on them. Safety is clearly very important to Dave and he emphasises this a lot. Not only did this make me feel more comfortable in his lessons, it has definitely made me a better driver. Cheers for getting me on the road Dave and best of luck for the future."

Ben Griffin, of High Wycombe

Ben passed his driving test in May 2018

Lessons were very informative and well-structured

"Just to say a big thank you to Adrian for teaching me how to drive from scratch and helping me in getting my licence. He was always on time and patient throughout the driving lessons. His lessons were very informative, well-structured and I really appreciated his encouragement. I will recommend him to anyone who is interested in learning to drive. I honestly couldn’t have done it without him and I really appreciate everything he has done for me!"

Deepa Pal, of High Wycombe

Deepa passed her driving test in May 2018

Tom put me at ease, was flexible and understanding

"Tom was a great driving instructor. He put me at ease. I had previously had another instructor with another driving school who I didn't feel as comfortable with. Tom was understanding and flexible with pick up places, as from time to time I had to change to accommodate my children. He gave a quick response via text if I needed to speak to him. I have already recommended him to several people and have recommended Wycombe Driving School, as myself and a few others I know have had first time passes too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me the confidence in myself to pass. I can't wait to get out on the road."

Jodie Cooper, of High Wycombe

Jodie passed her driving test in May 2018

Audrey is an amazing driving instructor

"Audrey was an amazing driving instructor, I would highly recommend her teaching. I had tried some trial lessons with other instructors before but I did not feel that I was getting the most out of them. In contrast, Audrey always gave me lots of information and fully explained all of the new concepts to me. I valued her constructive criticism and patience when I made mistakes."

Grace Keane-Parry, of High Wycombe

Grace passed her driving test in April 2018

Adrian helped me to feel comfortable on the road

"I passed my test with Adrian as my instructor and was really happy with every lesson I had. Adrian is patient and also good at making you feel comfortable; happy to speak to you naturally as you drive, which I found very important while learning to be comfortable on the road. I wish to thank Adrian for helping me learn to drive and feel comfortable on the road."

Shannen Hughes, of Cressex

Shannen passed her driving test in March 2018

Dave was exactly what I needed to pass my test - he's awesome!

"Dave is a brilliant driving instructor. His informal way of teaching and patience is exactly what I needed to pass my test. When I first started with Dave I had very little confidence on the road. Over the course of four weeks I felt good enough to drive, confident with my positioning, especially roundabouts. I would highly recommend Dave; he’s awesome! Thank you Dave."

Jodi Clarke, of Loudwater

Jodi passed her driving test in February 2018

My instructor Irene believed that I could do anything!

"I would not have passed and been confident in my driving without Irene. She really made me feel comfortable and believed that I could do anything! You don't just get some lessons and a test with Irene, you get an experience and memories that will last forever. Thank you for everything!"

Lia Rodda, of High Wycombe

Lia passed her driving test in February 2018

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