Practising with friends & family

driving lesson private practiceIf, like most of our customers, you want to keep the cost of learning to drive down, the best thing you can do is get plenty of private practice. Well-practised learners progress towards test standard faster.

We go to great lengths to offer support for private learning - for free - because we genuinely want to help reduce the number of young drivers being killed in their cars due to a lack of experience.

We believe road experience is vital in preparing a learner to cope well in the early part of their driving career and government research backs up our view.

Experience of varying road and weather conditions, combined with the skills, techniques and knowledge you will gain from our lessons, will help ensure your future safety.

How we help with your private practice:

1. The practice partner you choose - mum, dad, whoever - is entitled to a free hour-long masterclass lesson. If they choose to claim it, they will be given an assessment of their driving skills and advice about how to conduct practice sessions productively. We find that it helps to encourage a three-way partnership between the instructor, the learner and their practice partner and make sure we are all batting from the same wicket.

2. We provide access to cheaper car insurance specifically for provisional licence holders. After the first month (the minimum period), it is possible to purchase single weeks of insurance and dip in and out of being insured as you wish. To get a discounted quote, visit the website of Collingwood Insurance Company and enter the referal code 285768.

3. We provide free pictorial handouts to pupils as lessons progress, which private practice sessions can be based around. They provide simple, step-by-step guides to manoeuvres, road procedure etc. We also provide free up-to-the-minute online theory test software which can be worked on together at home.

4. Pupils and practise partners alike can e-mail questions to us via our contact page and we can clarify anything that has cropped up on a lesson or explain, for example, how to tackle a particular local junction.